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We offer our Special Packages just for you

Special Packages at Peabody's Hip Little Stay in Luray VA
Weddings Performed by Judy Peabody at Peabody's Hip Little Stay in Luray VA

Peabody’s offers Unique Packages and Add-On Services to give you the most Hip Experience!

We assure your satisfaction from this Green Award Travel Leader Winner 5-Star B&B!

Breathe a Sigh of Relief Vacationer!

Choose your Mind/Body Package and/or Additional Services at Peabody’s Pricing & have the option to not leave your Hip Stay! Dianne Kensler, RN, MHt, CA, Moving Mountains offers the opportunity for some very Hip Holistic Services either there (around the corner!) or in the comfort of your Oasis.

Choose from:

Clinical Aromatherapy and Reflexology Package (60 or 75 minutes)

  • Luxurious, relaxing bodywork that vacationers crave, while treating issues on a physical, emotional & spiritual level. Up to 4 therapeutic grade essential oils are used, based on the client’s specific needs.
  • Oils are applied along the spine and spread along the nerve pathways, massaged in with hot stones.
  • Reflexology is done to the feet, hands or face. Points along energy meridians may be accessed, depending on specific needs.
  • A take-home customized essential oil blend & self-care instruction is part of this amazing Package. $50-$90 plus tax added to your Stay

Reiki (60 minutes)

  • The Flow of energy balances the vibration and energy of the client.
  • Difficult to explain, but wonderful to receive! $30-$55 plus tax added to your Stay.

Hypnosis (120 minutes)

  • Clinical sessions (for stress, weight loss & smoking) or Personal Exploration (Past Life). $100- $125 plus tax added to your Stay.

Our Relaxation Garden – Nuptial Paradise

  • Add-on: Judy Peabody, Marriage Officiant $50.00

Gift Certificates

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