Meet Helen


Judy Peabody, the hip Innkeeper of Peabody’s ‘Hip Little Stay’ in Luray, counts Helen as one of her many blessings.  Today Judy’s initial special moment is introducing guests to her dog, Miss Helen.  Judy’s guests can’t stop smiling once they meet!

“When a guest comes here there are at first all kinds of commotions in the house,” Judy said.  “It’s very important for Helen to be involved.  Judy suggests to guests that they not forget about this special dog. She is theirs for special moments.  Judy adds:  “it’s fun for the dog and the guests!”

This Stay will reintroduce you and Helen to the basics of love and affection.

Don’t we all need reminding sometimes? If you’re attempting to find the perfect Stay, why not find one with a loving companion?  In a world of uncertainty, one thing is constant the love of a special pet.

Maybe you & Miss Helen will become best friends.

She was here first, but you are very special too nonetheless.

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